By: Byron


Not that much has happened since I wrote last. I went to the sports awards where I was acknowledged for helping the soccer team. I’m waiting to find out what I’m going to do with the basketball team. I think I’ll be doing stats. Actually, I know I am doing stats.

I’ve had a bunch of birthdays in my house since the last time I wrote. It was my sister and my mom’s birthdays, and mine is coming up in about 24 days. I’ll be 15.

I got a bunch of letters from the elementary school. I learned, in almost every letter, what the name of the school is – Ridgewood Elementary. They all know about the Pearl Project. I think they are in 1st throug 5th grade. I’m going to try to write back to all of them, but there are about 60 letters. Some of the letters are funny, like, “Why did you have half of your brain taken out?” I’m fine and comfortable answering them. I really didn’t have much to do with the decision since it was done when I was a baby. Sometimes I think people think it’s offensive to ask me about everything I’ve gone through, but I really don’t mind answering. I’m comfortable with what’s happened and who I am.

I’ll write back later this week.

Here’s a picture of me reading some of the elementary school letters. ¬†VERY entertained.



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