For Veronica, Stephan, Jen, Lynn, Fiona

Hi Friends,

This note is to some of you that wrote to me.  First to Veronica, my birthday is May 23rd. My school is Bacich. I love recess a lot, we have hopscotch in our courtyard.  Stephan, my favorite sport is swimming, I am in a swim club.  It is pretty hard and I am almost ready for the swim team. I have three pets, Jackson, my dog, just got a new collar and he is 4. My cats, Cecelia and Leonardo are both 13 years old- they are older than me! Jen, my favorite color is pink too.  I have pink shoes, pink sweater and a pink coat that says San Francisco. Lynn, I am new too, it is hard.  I hope I make friends.  Are you making friends at your school? Fiona, that is a pretty name.  I love to dance too.  We have a dance show on December 1st.  I dance jazz and our costume is sparkly blue- real pretty.  I will show you pictures.

I am so happy that you all wrote me.  I will write to everyone back.


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