For Cindy, Chelsea, Nina, Anna, Elizabeth, Emily

Happy Thanksgiving!

What is your favorite thing to eat?  I like sweet potato french fries and chicken fingers.  I think we will probably have turkey and maybe sweet potatoes but probably not the way I like them with lots of ketchup.  In my school reading book there is a story about a dragon who goes shopping and one of the things he buys is lots of ketchup, he liked it so much that he drank it with a straw! Very funny!

Hello to Cindy, I use to have a blue betta fish and his name was Nemo. Chelsea, I play keyboard on the ipad, does that count as an instrument? Nina, I love dessert too.  I have two favorites: icecream and chocolate.  I love both! Thank you for the good picture that you drew!  Anna, my favorite animal is a dolphin, I got to pet one once in florida.  It would be fun to have a dolphin, maybe I could keep him in the pool in the backyard!  Ha-ha that would be great!  Hi to Elizabeth- I love to dance, I have a dance show in two weeks.  I have danced ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop.  My favorite is hip-hop.  Emily, my cousin’s name is Emily too.  I love disney books but right now mom and I are reading Pinocchio (not the disney one, the long one) and it is good but kind of scary too.


I will write again soon to all of you.  Thanks so much for being my friends!


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