By: Byron

Since the last time I wrote, not that much has happened. My mom has gone to California to help a friend, a friend who was in the hospital. Because my mom is going to be gone, it messes up my week a little bit. I won’t be able to do everything that I do on a normal week like going to physical therapy, going to another therapist, and having someone home when I get there. It’s fine – I don’t really¬†mind having these changes because it means I don’t have as busy a week as I normally do.

This weekend on Saturday my mom left really early so when I got up she was already gone. My sister met with friends in Dupont Circle in DC so my step-dad and I went to a restaurant while we were waiting for them to get done. I went to the restaurant that used to be my favorite – 5 Guys – but it’s not my favorite anymore since I went to ZBurger. They have really good shakes and burgers. They have more than 75 flavors of milkshakes – like chocolate, banana, strawberry, oreo, peanut butter. I get chocolate oreo. My step dad, Ed, gets chocolate. We go there about once a month.

On Sunday I had 2 tutors come to the house and they both gave me high 5’s for getting on the honor roll, then my sister made homemade pizza which was REALLY good. I took my dog on a long walk – two times around the park then to Chipolte which is in Friendship Heights and then two more times around the house. I’ll probably do that again today, too. The rest of the day I’ll be studying for a test on Wednesday.

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