School, My Sister and Hurricane Sandy

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven’t written lately. In September I started a new school, well it didn’t work out. People weren’t very nice. I was called names. Kids kept asking why I was so small and if I’d grow. It bothered me a lot. I went back to my old school, Dyer Elementary. Sunday before I was to go back my older sister was rushed to the hospital while I was sleeping. She was home sick and got really bad stomach pains. She needed surgery. She had her appendix removed. She spent 8 days there. I missed her a lot. I missed having everyone together every night. I didn’t see my little sister the whole time Irina was in the hospital, she stayed with a friend.

She came home the day of the big storm, Sandy. I hope you are all okay from that storm. Did you lose power? We were very lucky and didn’t. My mom knew some people that lived in Rockaway, so donated bags of stuff to those down there. It can be scary. Then there was Halloween…I went trick or treating twice. NH does it the Sunday before, so I was a Native American and my baby sister was a mouse. What  did you dress up as? On REAL Halloween I was a jazz dancer, Irina was a slice of pizza and Talia (my 2 yr old sister) was a pirate.


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