Birthday, Exams & Indian Food

By: Byron

Since the time that I’ve last written, I have had my birthday and have started studying for exams that start on Thursday and end next Tuesday. My birthday was last Thursday. I don’t feel that different. It was just a day. I got many different presents, most of them were clothes from Under Armour – t-shirts and sweat shirts, but my mom got me the wrong size of everything so on Saturday we went to the mall and exchanged them for clothes that fit. It turns out she was going to give me the same things for Christmas, so I saw and already received part of my Christmas present, too. Under Armour is pretty big at my school, but that’s not the reason I got it. I got it because during soccer season my coach told me to get the shirt that’s like his, and his is an Under Armour shirt.

On Saturday I got Indian food with my mom and less than 24 hours later we were back there to have more with my step dad. They recognized us, but at the end of the meal on Sunday my mom asked to get an add-on for a snack for my sister, something called marsala dosa. At the buffet they must have served the mini ones because when they came out with the ones we ordered for my sister, they were AT LEAST 3 feet long. It’s like a thin Indian pancake with vegetables inside, mostly potatoes, and they’re really good. Even though my sister thought they were really big, she ate them both!

Back to studying.


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