Movies & Doctors

By: Byron

This past week I have done multiple things. I went to a friend’s house on Saturday and we went to a movie at a local mall. The movie was called, “Red Tails,” about the Tuskegee Airmen in World War II. It was about how the Blacks that were fighting in WWII weren’t treated as well as the Whites – just like in the Civil War. The Blacks were given all the broken airplanes, but during the movie the Commander of them demanded new airplanes and they got them. It was a very fun and interesting movie especially since I’m studying American History right now. I’d recommend it.

Last Thursday I had to go to Baltimore for a medical appointment with multiple doctors which lasted 3 hours. I saw the psychologist, a neuropsychologist, a education specialist and finally the physiatrist. That’s a doctor who specialized in rehab medicine so she talked to me about how I was doing with walking, my brace, and stuff like that.

I don’t have any tests this week, but I just picked a topic for my history essay. It’s going to be about the 1920s – automobiles and something else I haven’t chosen.

That’s all for now.

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