Temple Beth Shalom

By: Talia

Today I went to Temple Beth Shalom for a family workshop about our bar/bat mitzvah and Hebrew School work. After Hebrew School I almost went to the  Park Bagel Shop. But there were a lot of people including Haley from my school and my dance school because there was a giant’s game party with the Giants at the Dunkin Donuts. It was so crowded and we could not park the car and go to the bagel store there.  So we went to the West Side Bagel Store instead. After that I went home and did my homework. After my homework I played outside with my dog Bo for a little bit. After I played outside I waited for my sister Caroline to get back from her piano lesson with Miss Judy. After I waited for Caroline I worked at the pretend Dance Store in the basement with my American Girl Dolls Kanani and Madison and my sister Caroline.

Yesterday I went to dance classes at Sharing the Arts, with my mom. After dance I went to Tito’s Burritos. After lunch I went to see Beauty and the Beast with my mom and my other best friend Katie  in 3D.  After the movie I went home to play until Katie’s mom picked her up.

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