So Many Things

By: Byron

This week I’ve done many things. On Friday I was supposed to go to Mustang Mania, which is an afternoon when all the sports teams at my school play back-to-back. The girls’ basketball, the boys’ basketball, and the wrestling were competing, but at the last minute I chose not to go because I was going to see my dad who was in town. I met my dad at my sister’s swim meet and then we went out to a restaurant that I recommended in Bethesda Row, which is a part of Bethesda, MD that has many stores and restaurants such as the Apple Store, North Face, and restaurants such as Sweet Greens (it’s my favorite place for salads) and Vapianno’s – a restaurant where when you walk in they give you a card, and then you walk up to a counter where chefs are and you choose your pasta or pizza, and then they make it right in front of you. That’s where my sister, my dad and I went on Friday.

Then on Saturday at 9 am – unfortunately because I was hoping to sleep in much longer than 8 in the morning – I had an Eagle meeting for Boy Scouts describing how this last stretch of Boy Scouts is supposed to work so you make Eagle Scout. Then afterwards my step-day and I went to lunch while my mom, oddly, went tap dancing.

Then on Sunday I had 2 tutors come over – my English tutor and one who just helps me with everything. And then my favorite teacher from last year who was fired came over to my house to give my sister acting lessons. He is a professional choreographer and works at the Kennedy Center and worked with Wicked when it came to DC last summer. My sister, Audrey, is auditioning for her school musical, Legally Blonde, so he’s helping her get ready for that. I was in the kitchen with his son, and it was funny listening to them practice.

That’s all.

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