By: Eli

On December 2 we had our X Evolution, which is where all of the gym locations from Cheer Extreme go and show routines off  to teams in their same division, but same organization. After you’re done you get critiques from a panel of gym owners/ judges. Then after everyone in your division is done, you all get awards. For Princesses, we got a tumbling award and then we were done. I had Prodigy next and we got an award as well. It was so fun seeing other people from different locations.
Then we had our first actual competition in Kentucky. I was filling in for a worlds team so I went to a different competition before the Kentucky one. The competition before Kentucky was called Cheer Alliance and a lot of worlds teams go there too. Their was a ball called the Red Ball and I included a pic of my friend and I. We did great and got 3rd which was good. In Kentucky Princesses got 2nd and Prodigy got 1st. Reign got 4th out of 8 teams which was already a big success.

Then we went back to the gym and we practiced more and cleaned up our routines before our Holiday Break! It was very fun and I went to my youth Christmas party which was so fun and I went to a different one before that as well.

Christmas was sooooo fun and pasted as fast as it came. Then we waited for New Years and I babysat two fun kids that I have babysat before. Then the ball dropped and it was already 2k19. Now I’m hoping to have a great birthday on the 3rd. I turn 14 on that day and I’m so excited for my birthday party and sleepovers. We go back to school on the 7th, todays the 2nd and we start cheer again, but it was fun to take a break from it though.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading and hope you guys have a great start of 2k19! Now on my schoolwork I’m going to accidentally right 2018 instead of 2019 for a couple of months!

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