My Grandmother

By: Morgan

My Grandmother

February 21st, 1927, born fourth of twelve kids, in North Collins, NY. My grandmother is a big reason for who I became as a young woman. She truly is a modern matriarch.  My grandma Patricia was married at sixteen for over 63 years before my papa died in 2006. Together they had nine kids (my mom the 9th) and raised them in East Aurora, NY a suburb just outside of Buffalo. She worked as a nurse for many years at Our Lady of Victory Hospital. Now as a grandmother with 32 grandkids and a great-grandmother closer to 40 great-grandchildren. she spends her time in the retirement city of The Villages, Florida.

Thursday, she turned 92.

The key to her success is taking her vitamins, having a gin and tonic at times and her faith, surrounded by our rather large in numbers family and friends with the inclusion of light exercise.

Her favorite memory growing up was when her father would play the violin. Some of her favorite recipes are simple but worth it like freshly baked bread. A fun fact, my papa taught her how to drive. She still operates an iPhone, lives alone and drives a car. She loves to travel, this past year she went on a cruise to Canada. She is truly unstoppable. She and I love to do crossword puzzles together and watch Lt. Joe Kenda the homicide hunter on the Investigation Discovery Channel.  

Chances are you can find her relaxing on her porch watching the neighbors on walks and working in their yards waving hello and good morning, listen for the birds and waiting for the next set of kids to come for a visit, including us. After this coming week, ill be writing live from Florida!

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