She Lift and A Course in Confidence

By: Morgan

She Lift and A Course in Confidence

I’m here to tell you why She Lift and A Course in Confidence is so important and vital to my young adult success. Sarah Herron for those of you who don’t know was on Sean Lowes season of ABCs The Bachelor.  Sarah references that TV was the push she needed to show off her arm, that being on television would get her to grow and stop hiding her arm and meet people and at that time date.

Sarah was the leader I sought out in a world that so often suppresses those with medical needs. On April 14th along with 20 other women, I got to meet her and discuss some of the most challenging moments in all of our lives.

Sometimes, all we need is a safe space, a comfort level to openly admit we have judged others and have been judgmental to ourselves from our own self -limiting beliefs.

My emotional and mental limitations associated with my limb differences is the idea of not being okay or essentially in limbo. That fear is the guilt I carry that I look too normal to be disabled. If you look up my diagnosis’ they are very vast on a spectrum and I am very lucky. But that doesn’t mean I have it all together all the time.

Sarah helped me create a testimony that are the qualities others see in me, the ones I see in myself and the values I find most true in an honorable woman. That I am compassionate, affectionate and dependable. I value authenticity, gratitude and economic security while being worthy of natural, influential and deep-rooted relationships with others.  To grow into not being okay and letting that feeling stand.

These powerful photos feature my PE sweatshirt AYYYYYY and were taken by Kelly Lemon photography, was sponsored by the bra and underwear company Thirdlove, whose mission makes undergarments fit for every woman’s body with their signature ½ cup sizes and extended cup range.


so please respect this photo as art and let me say one  thing this photo is for every young female with a disability that doesn’t feel worthy or honorable about your body I’m here to tell you it’s okay not to be okay and it’s also ok for me to tell you I FEEL PRETTY DAMN AMAZING Thank you @kellylemon @sarahherron for my photos and @thirdlove for the most comfortable bra and undies I have ever owned

Also, we got necklaces from Giving keys, Sarah’s friend Caitlin Crosby is the owner and her mission began to support those impacted by homelessness get jobs. So, you find your word. Hold on it for as long as you need to on your journey and when you are ready you pass it on to someone in need of that, word. I began my day with EMPOWERED, passed it to a new friend who really needed that moment and word to grow in her life. You see, Sarah had us switch keys at the end of the workshop and I got FEARLESS.

I’m not afraid of most things, jumping out of a plane sign me up…why because you have to live every moment.  I do fear some pretty important things. I’m sure if you’re like me you have a very close connection with your caregivers. My parents were my first ones, there will come a day where I have to do things alone without them unfortunately and I want to have those coping skills now before its too late, I fear to lose them because unlike most young adults I am with my parents a lot more than most, traveling without them scares the hell out of me. Slowly, I’m working on that because guess who is going to UTAH this summer for the shelift summit. ME.

All photos are owned by Kelly lemon and Sarah Herron do not obtain without permission from these individuals. All statements are my own.

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