Life updates

By: Morgan

Life updates

Oh my goodness it been nearly a month – normally I would blabber on about the guilt I feel for not posting, however, that’s not the point.

Life updates….. Work, doctors appointments, fathers day, my dads birthday kind of skipped that simply to be present and because I was a wee bit run down.  The point where I had to let things go on the 13th due to pain. 

Big sis turns 31 on Wednesday and besides being my forever best friend and the second oldest, Erica; a 7-12  grade teacher. I always knew she would be. Hell; she taught me everything I know how to do…. that’s useful and important and at the same time is an amazing dancer, friend, a dog lover- concert buddy, hey I need a ride to blank because of some other thing mom and dad could not be everywhere at once.

For example, swimming in the deep end she made me lose the floaties or still to this day mapping directions because I hate turning left  :( not to mention when my chair dies…I’m really lucky to have her live locally, so she can pick me up when I’m really stuck. My sister is an excuse to go and do fun things like brunch and walks with our dogs, fortunately, she includes me in most of the things she does. I have memories of her asking mom and dad if she could skip school to come to the hospital with me when I was little, proud to tell them she helped me stretch and put on my AFOs and the very distinct Winnie the pooh wagon – she pushed down the halls of the hospital. 

She would let me cuddle up to her in the backseat watching A Walk To Remember and taking selfies on her razor – it was pink.  She also insisted I make the hard transition to straightening my hair before school. She even put up with years of me having twitchy eyeballs to learn how to do my eyeliner myself.   She’s the greatest thing anyone could ask for, always pushing me to try something, even simply presenting the opportunity before I admit I’m afraid of whatever it might be or standing up for me when something or someone didn’t make it easy to make a decision. Her best advice, “try and if you really need help ask and I will help you”. One quality that she always puts others before herself. Even if I tried to kick her out of my college dorm, each year she would still drive the second car of college stuff back to campus. 

Now, she’s the first one to say I clock out of the bars at 10:30. Erica still makes it if point if I’ve been out dancing, we spend hours cooking -she taught me how to use a knife and I now can successfully evenly chop vegetables. If watching tv series, was a sport we would win and driving around for hours until we found the correct softball field even if the game ended, sorry Dennis. 

I love you and even though we’re adults and life is changing fast, I know you’re going to be right over my shoulder running down Broadway.

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