Think Happy!

By: Ellie

Think Happy!

First off, I have to say how totally excited I am to see photos of Mr. Rick’s new space he’s in!  I hope someday I can go to NY to see it in person!  I just love all of the things Mr. Rick does on a daily basis to put such beauty out into the world!

It’s been a busy few months here.  I had to go in the hospital for a week in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit.  See, I was diagnosed with Epilepsy when I was barely 6 years old and it’s just really mean to me sometimes.  It finds me in all sorts of places.  It’s sneaky and I really wish it would just go away.  But, you know what? I’m a happy girl regardless and I deal with whatever I have to in order to live my best life!  Oh and to get me ready for that hospital stay my Mom took me to have 8 inches cut off of my hair!  We even donated my hair to somewhere that makes wigs for kids and gives them to the kids for FREE!  How cool is that?!

I am loving summer but on the other hand I miss my school friends!  I have the best classmates and even people that I don’t know seem to know me at my school! Everyone is always saying hi to me!  As far as my summer goes, I’ve been to two waterparks, to the movies and spent lots of time with my family.  I have trouble in the heat so the only way I can be outside here in the South in the summer is if I’m in water.  Luckily where we live we have lots of water options not too far away.

Did I tell you before that I’m a cheerleader! YES!  I cheer on a special needs cheer squad but we are off during the months of May through July. I am so ready to start back in August!  I just love being on stage and people clapping and cheering!  I make them smile and they make me smile!  I feel so beautiful and special! It’s THE best!  Oh and we got to cheer on the BEACH for our last competition!  I love the beach and my favorite is the freedom of walking and also sinking my feet in the mushy sand!

I have an older brother named Ethan.  He’s going to be 16 soon and my Mom keeps saying she just can’t believe it.  I guess there’s something important about turning 16 but I wouldn’t know about all that just yet.  I do know my brother drives us places sometimes in Mom’s car with her in the passenger seat.  I think he does a pretty good job but Mom seems nervous a lot of the time.  I just sit in the back and sing along to whatever songs I hear.  Maybe Mom should do that too and not be so nervous hehehe.

Oh and guess what else? I got 2 awards at the end of the school year!  I was awarded the “kindness” award and the “literary scholar” award!  I was so proud.

This was maybe one of the most exciting things that happened to me since I talked to you last…I got to be in a wedding!  My 1st grade teacher got married and she asked ME to be a flower girl!  I was so proud to do this and wow did I feel beautiful that day in my pretty dress!  The wedding was so pretty and so fun and I was so happy for my former teacher who is really more like family now!

That’s all for now!  Today is July 4th!

I’ve already been in the pool once today and I gotta get some rest so I can go with Mom to see some of our friends at a different pool later today.

Bye and Think Happy!!

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