New Job: CBC Calgary

By: Kelsey

New Job: CBC Calgary

As week one wraps up at CBC Calgary, I am reflecting on how truly privileged I am to be able to work for not only one of the biggest broadcasting networks in Canada, but one that is truly open and inclusive. They have an entire engagement and inclusion department and those two things are cornerstone values that we both share.

I’ve done a ton of educating about Moebius this past week within my team and I hope to be able to bring that awareness to the great newsroom and CBC offices across the country. I was also asked to write an article for the Engagement and Inclusion newsletter that goes out to over 4000 CBC employees which will be such an amazing platform to share my story.

I’m still in disbelief that I am actually working for CBC. It doesn’t seem real or possible.

This is the reason why I tell people to never let your differences hold you back or make you think that you can’t chase your dreams. I am proof that you can.

Dream big, chase those goals and live your best life always.

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