18th Birthday Party

Just had my 18th Birthday party.  I invited Gwen, Danielle, Lauren, Ivy, Tyrea, Austin, Nick, and Stacey to bowling and to the BBQ afterwards.  I invited some adults too.  It was the biggest party ever!  I got TGI Friday from Ivy, nail polish, a necklace from Danielle, nail set, candy from Lauren, two Target gift cards, one from Gwen and another person.  Nick gave me a Visa gift cards.  Austin gave me a card.  Mrs Karen and Mr Bob gave me some money.  Andrew, Stacey and Timmy gave me 3 suitcases full with candy, word search, and nail polish.  Mr Mike and Mrs Fran gave me a back bag purse with gift cards inside.  Mom gave me a back bag purse.  I got tons of clothes from my mommom.  Mrs Donna gave me back bag purse and some money.  Aunt Ann and Trouble gave me lottery tickets and I won on one ticket.  Leslie gave me a light with my name on it and some lottery tickets but didn’t win anything.  Tyrea gave me money too.  My birthday was a lot of fun.  Andrew and Stacey rented a moon bounce for my party and it was a lot fun.  Could jump on the moon bounce and the trampoline.  You could play basketball and play on the swings.  I had badminton but nobody play with it.  Bowling was fun too!

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