1st law school acceptance package!

1st law school acceptance package!

I received my first acceptance in the mail last night! Thanks Mercer for the speedy response and generous scholarship (~3/4 tuition). They called me a “Georgia Scholar”.   It’s been hard this week because I’m using the internet constantly and I have already heard back from 3 schools this week.

I told myself that I would visit schools after being admitted.  Unfortunately, because of the coronavirus, I can’t visit the law school and I’m not too familiar with Macon, GA. That does concern me a bit, but I’m not alone.  Luckily, I visited some of the other Georgia schools… I’ll just have to sit tight.  1-1-3 right now and waiting on 10 more schools! And yes, I applied to too many schools!  I’m debating on sending more applications because a lot of schools extended application deadlines…

One even sent me this email the other day and I thought it was cruel!

I got the email this morning!


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