By: Rachel

2020 has been one of the globally hardest years anyone can remember, I bet. If you have another disorder on top of the pandemic, it is a reason that it can be even more difficult.

I already feel abandoned by people because of an obsessive-sort of questioning that my brain does…. Constantly. But with COVID, more people are being careful about getting together, and sometimes I’m at a loss as to whether it’s because I did something to push them away or they are preoccupied with being safe.

The isolation I feel accentuates my loneliness, which, no matter how hard I try, makes me feel more depressed, which makes the fog that I live in so much thicker that I can’t see people’s anyone clearly–even worse than usual.

Please keep staying safe. And please tell your loved ones that you’re just being safe, and give them a call or send them a letter in the mail.

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