2020 the strangest year

By: Becky

2020 the strangest year

Hey everyone

Happy new year to everyone.

Glad 2020 is gone but had a fantastic different year.  I am still a cheerleader but haven’t been to practice since February 2020. We did our last cheer competition and then decided to end our season early due to the pandemic. This year my cheer team did all the stunts by ourselves which is a big accomplishment. D We even got to film a video of our cheer routine in hope to try out for cheer worlds which didn’t happen last year.   My birthday celebration was a little different all my friends did a drive by parade so I could say hi and see them face to face. Which was nice. I got my blizzard cake from dairy queen and got takeout from a restaurant here called the burger factory for my birthday. It was so good.  Then I got some presents from my family. I got a lot of off brand clothes for my American girl doll that I bought. Then we another family birthday celebration which was my sister and we got take out and dessert from a restaurant. It was really good.  That day as well I got to do a drive by parade for one of my friends as well. Which was a lot of fun.  Most of the lockdown I did a lot of crafts that you could see in my other post. In December my family celebrated Christmas with just our close circle it was a lot of fun. In 2020 I did most of my Christmas shopping all by myself which is a big deal.  It was a lot of fun seeing people reactions to what I bought or made for them. I made some gifts out of perler beads which was a lot of fun and now I can do 3d projects with them. I made a 3D minion bob for my sister.  I made a heart box for my mom and I made a canoe with people paddling and a sun for my dad. Then I drew a background of them canoeing on the lake and bought a picture frame to put it in.  In return I got some really cool gifts I got another 18 inch doll that was dressed in a cheer uniform like mine. I also got a bag and a sleepover bag so she can travel with me. I got a bunk bed for my two dolls as well and lots of clothes and shoes. I even got some furniture for my dolls as well. I got some different books to read. I got some chocolate and candies. Even though 2020 was a weird year I had lots of fun. Hoping everyone is staying safe and were all in this together.  We will get through this.

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