Sometimes I Really Hate my Disability

By: Byron

Sometimes I Really Hate my Disability


You know, sometimes I really hate my disability.


For example, today after I got home from school I walked my dog around the neighborhood and I didn’t see a lady with her dog on my right side due to my vision. I can only see out of the left side of each eye which means that sometimes I run into things that are on my right side AND right in front of me. So today that lady and her dog were right next to an apartment building. I was walking and all of a sudden my dog, Faye, started attacking that dog. If I had seen them I would have avoided them and kept my dog on a very tight leash, but because I didn’t see them my dog had room on her leash to all of a sudden jump on this dog. Then I pulled the leash tight and ran away from the dog. I was embarrassed and mad at my dog. With my vision problem I can only see out of my right side so it makes me feel angry that sometimes I can’t see. At places like school and home, I know my way around really well so I don’t have to scan as much even though I have to scan because I don’t know if anyone has moved things, but it’s easier when I’m in places that I know. When I say scanning I mean moving my head from left to right trying to know my environment. I have to move my head to see what most people see without moving their heads.


Maybe next time I’ll explain some more difficulties of mine.


This is a picture of me right before doing the blog.




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