By: Talia

Today I went to Catamount Ski Lodge with Joey, Caroline, Dad and Mom.

My siblings are skiing with Dad in the morning and my siblings are skiing with Mom in the afternoon. I am not go skiing or I might go skiing if I can get ski helpers with their program Stride.

I did Stride last year.  Stride helped me with harnesses and they put big rubber bands on my skis.  There were two helpers who helped me ski down the hill.  I also went on an escalator called The Magic Carpet. It was fun. I did it twice last year. I liked skiing because I liked going fast in skiing.

Right now I’m on the computer and doing my homework for school.


About my braces

My braces are pink and light purple right now.  I got those colors for Valentine’s Day.  My braces are comfortable.  Sometimes they hurt when the back of my braces poke my mouth and gums.


About my orthodontist and my dentists

My orthodontist is named Dr. Russo and he changes my braces every month.

My dentists are named Dr. Roxy, Dr. Ramos and Dr. Henna. Dr. Henna isn’t really a dentist, but I call her that because she cleans my braces every month.


About school

I’m so excited for going back to school in March after the President Week break.

I am going into a new class in March.  This class is writing, reading and language.  The new teacher’s name is Miss Josette and  her English class is a higher level class.  I think that I am ready for it.  I will still stay with Miss Linda for my other subjects which are Math, Science and Social Studies.  I can’t wait to make new friends in Miss Josette’s English Class. I already have friends in Miss Linda’s class.


About my friends in school

My friends are nice and sometimes get into trouble.

My friends are really happy and proud about me going into Josette’s English Class.

There are nine other students in my class and I think of them all as friends.


About the specials at school

I have art, gym, music, swim and chorus. Sometimes on Wednesdays I have swim with Joann. Sometimes on Wednesdays I have chorus with Helen. On Thursdays I have music with Helen.  On Tuesdays I have art with Mady. On Fridays I have swim with Joann. On Mondays I have gym with Linda.

Other things I like to do in school is having speech with Angela and OT with Addrine.

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