By: Talia

Today I went to Catamount Ski Club in Hillsdale, NY. Joey and Caroline are skiing with Dad. Mom is reading a book called Behind the Beautiful Forevers. I’m on the computer, doing my homework, writing in my notebooks and writing notes in my school notebook.  Last night I went swimming at the Comfort Inn with Joey and Caroline.  We moved to a different hotel called The Monument Mountain Hotel on Sunday.  This vacation was fun, great and beautiful! I liked the pool and the hot tub at the Comfort Inn because I really miss my swim instructor Miss Joann.  Yesterday I went to the Catamount Ski Shop to buy myself a blue crazy funky hat and Caroline a snuggly hat. I love skiing because it is fun and good for me.  But this is not the end of our vacation it is time for my own vacation at my house in NJ.

What I’m going to be when I grow up

I want to be a teacher when I grow up.

What does it feel like to be bullied?

I get sad when this boy in my class hurts my feelings and say bad things about my American Girl Dolls and Barbie.


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