April 23 we stop at Chick-fil-A for breakfast. My dad and I went to wildwood New Jersey to walked on the boardwalk. They were making the beach bigger. The beach was always big enough. There was lots of truck on the beach to move the sand. We had a hard time finding a place for lunch but we found a 50s dinner. The food was okay. Then we walked on the beach. Then we took the ferry to Delaware. The ferry was really rocking. We went to top and then got snacks. We stay in our car for most of the ferry. Then we made it to delware. We went to Starbucks and then to my grandma house.

Saturday April 24 we went to then outlets because my grandma, mommom needing to get new shoes. I went to vineyards to get a small sweatshirt. Then we went back to see if mommom was done. Then we went to store called And That. I got two cards. A birthday card for my brother Andrew and Mother’s Day card for my mom. I got something for my cousin Symphony which was chalk. Then later we went to walked on the Rehoboth boardwalk. We got ice cream there and it was cold and windy. So I got hot chocolate and my dad got coffee somewhere on the boardwalk. Then we went back and eat dinner.

On Sunday April 25 we went to ocean city to walked on the boardwalk. Even though my dad said he didn’t want Fisher popcorn. We start to smell the Fisher popcorn. My dad got a medium box of Carmel popcorn which was so good and plus it just came out. Then we continue to walk on the boardwalk. Then we went to the outlet to shop a little bit more. Then we went back to my grandma house. Then we hang out with my grandma for a little bit.

Monday April 26 we went back home. I had a nice time hanging out with my dad and seeing my grandma.

At the Beach

Ocean City Beach

Where my dad family stay when they went to Wildwood.

Little waves at wildwood.

My dad favorite place to stop with his family when he was a kid.

Cape May lighthouse.

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