On Saturday August 21, we went to Utah. We celebrated my dad birthday. We stay there for one night. The plane was way too crowd.

Sunday August 22, we went to Park City and got to see the Winter Olympic training. That was cool to see them trained. We also got to see someone Bobsled down twice which that was cool. Then we went to lunch and walk around a little. Then we drove up to Wyoming. We end up in Jackson hole, Wyoming.

Monday August 23, we walked around in town in Jackson hole, Wy. The store were cool and got a lot of postcard to send to my pen pal Kristen. I even sent one to my friend, Lauren.

We also visited the Grand Tetons. There was lots of cool things to see. My mom, Mrs. Julie, Mr. Dennis, Stacey and Andrew got up early to go see some wildlife. I didn’t want to go because we would had to get up early the next day. So my dad stay with me.

Tuesday August 24, we went Atv riding. It was mine first time. It was okay because I didn’t like all the bumps. That was for the whole day. Then we get dinner to take back to the hotel.

Wednesday August 25, we went to go see some waterfalls but Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Julie didn’t come see them was us. We took a ferry over, so we didn’t have to walked to much. Mrs. Julie and Mr. Dennis went to going see horse. Then we met then back at the hotel. Then we went to see Old Faithful. Which was awesome. We walked around to see all the hot spring which was cool. Then we drove to West Yellowstone, Montana. I love, where I was sleeping. We were staying at the 3 Bears Lodge. I got my own little area. My area was called the 3 Bears Dens which was awesome.

Thursday August 26, we went Atv riding. This time was a lot better for me. I even got to drive it around the parking lot. It was fun but hard at the same. I’m glad I got to drive it. We were gone for most of the day again. Then we got to hotel to clean up and then go out to dinner.

Friday August 27, Mrs. Julie and Mr. Dennis went horse back riding. My mom, my dad,Stacey, Andrew, and I went to go see some mud volcano and so more hot springs. Then my mom, Stacey and Andrew walked down to go see a waterfalls. My dad and I walked down a little. I would of gone down but going up was going to the harder part for me. Then we drove to a next hotel to stay in the National Park. Then that when we finally met up with Mrs. Julie and Mr. Dennis. Then we all went to bed.

Saturday August 28, we went back to Park City Utah. We still stop at things people wanting to see. We stop at somewhere we stop on they way to West Yellowstone. Stacey want to get all the stamps for her passport which was cool. I got the stamps on the postcards to remember them. We stop at the one or the same hot spring to see if it looks different. Stacey and I were look into at restaurant to go for dinner that night. Even thought they were all pass 8. We trying to get Andrew and Stacey’s friends for dinner but they said it was too expensive. We got to the hotel. Then we walked around the town in Park City but all the store were closed by 7. Then we ate dinner. Then went to bed.

Sunday August 29, was our last day. My mom, Mrs. Julie, Mr. Dennis, Stacey and Andrew got up early to go see if they could see more wildlife. I got to sleep in for a little bit. My dad stay back with me. Then we left for the airport. Then we had to stop to get something to eat. The plane was still to crowd but lucky my brother Andrew and his girlfriend Stacey had an empty seat in the middle. Then we finally got home. Biscuit was happy to see us.

It was good vacation saw lots of different things. The weather was perfect even though it was cold in the mornings and at night time. All the beds were comfortable expect for one nights. We had some awesome food expect for one night. I didn’t want to eat that dinner that one night. My brother Michael couldn’t take off from his work to come with us. I would have to see we had 3 clear day to be able too since of all the smoke from California.

Small hike to see the waterfall


Waterfall my dad and I walk half way down

Hot Springs

Mickey Mouse


Sea Otter @ Hot Springs

The Lake


Mountains with snow

Other places we visited..



On the ATV

In the cabin

The room I get to sleep in

Mud Vulcano

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