2nd BAHA Implant Surgery

By: Jonah

2nd BAHA Implant Surgery

I am having surgery today.  Both of my ears don’t hear so well.  I have a hard time hearing my teacher and classmates in school and keeping up with all that they are talking about.  I am usually really scared on the playground at recess because I don’t always know where sounds are coming from. I sit with my teacher on a bench but I would like to play with the other kids.

At home, it is tricky for me to listen to my favorite shows.  I like to use the closed captions so I can read what I can’t always hear.  It is really tricky because I have a little sister who never stops talking!

When I was 5 years old, I had surgery so that I could wear a special hearing aide that is attached to my head.  The inside of my ears makes regular hearing aides not work.  I am really happy there is a special kind called BAHAs (Bone anchored hearing aides). There is a post the doctor put on my head and I attach a hearing aide to it.  Sound vibrates through the hearing aide and makes me hear better.  It kind of sounds echoey like in a gymnasium or pool or microphone.

Now that I am talking now, I was able to tell my mom and doctor that I wanted another one for my other ear.  I want to hear out of both my ears really well so that I can be the best Jonah.

Getting this new BAHA takes a very long time.  Now that I finally had the surgery, I have to let my head heal and get very strong.  I think in the Spring I should be able to finally wear my 2nd BAHA.

My mom says that I am going to be a BAHA superhero.  That makes me smile just thinking about hearing better!  I can’t wait!

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