By: Byron

I’ve had a very eventful last few week, and the upcoming weeks are going to be hectic, too.

One thing that I’ve had is acupuncture. I’m not trying to advertise it, but I’ve got to say that it helps my pain. So let me tell you what it’s like.

My story of acupuncture! When I first started I thought it was weird that the acupuncturist sticks needles in you and your pain is supposed to go away when you might think that that causes pain. I was having foot pain and back pain, and even though the back pain hasn’t gone away (I forgot to tell him about it), the foot pain has. So I went in and climbed on the massage table where he does his work. Before that I had to take my clothes off down to my underwear. Then he rolls a warm blanket over me. Then he took my pulse and then he starts sticking needles in me. I listen to my own music because his music is classical music and I don’t like that kind of music. Once he sticks the needles in me and he doesn’t put it in the wrong place, you don’t feel them. The first time I went, after the needles were stuck in me, I had this thing called moxa. It’s an herb that gets heated on your body and I’d add to that, it burns you. So after that I asked not to have it – ever agin! But I did want to go back to have the needles pushed into my skin. It is weirdly relaxing. Then I turn over and lay face down and my face is in a face cradle. He then puts needles in my back and my legs. This part is really relaxing, and I’ve even fallen asleep. Warning: Not bragging, but I have a really good acupuncturist, so not every one might be as good as he is.

Today was very odd. All week the teachers were telling us that we had shortened classes today, but none of the teachers were telling us what was going on. But today we had all of our classes before noon and then the whole high school gathered in one room and we were told that because we hadn’t had any snow days this year in DC, they felt bad for us so it was a half day snow day. They brought in a pizza truck with really good pizza and a yogurt truck. We had an hour lunch and then we could watch a selection of movies. And after that, for the last half hour of school, we could do basically anything. I went to the gym and played soccer and basketball with my friends.

I got my report card today. I made honor roll.

Next week I’m going to Tampa to go to a Yankees spring training game, and then my step dad and I are going across the state to see where the space shuttle took off from.

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