Ballet & Hip Hop

By: Talia

Today I went to ballet and hip hop classes. My mom taught the ballet class. A girl named Emily who is in high school almost in college taught the hip hop class. In hip hop I made up two dances. One song was Price Tag by Jessie J and B.O.B. The other song was California Girls by Katy Perry. After ballet and hip hop classes, I went to the Apple Store at Tice’s Corner in Woodcliff Lake near my grandma’s house. At the Apple Store a man named Bruce who works at the Apple Store fixed my younger sister’s Apple Computer. After the Apple Store, I went to the Gap Kids Store. I bought bluish and greenish flip flops and purple flip flops with butterflies on them. After buying my brand-new flip flops, I went to Game Stop Video Game Store to pick up my younger brother’s new 3D Video Game for his 3DS. After picking up my brother’s new video game, I went to Barnes and Nobles Bookstore. My mom bought my sister workbooks, Art books, Around the World books and The Little House on the Prairie book set. I bought a Fashion Studio Set, Doodle Studio Set and more books. I also bought Caroline and I a Writing Workbook to share after school. After buying books, I went home. I did my weekend report. After my weekend report, I went to a piano rehearsal at Paul’s house. Paul is a boy from Ridge School and a piano student. My piano and vocal teacher was there. Her name is Miss Judy. There was a little girl named Brooke there. Her little brother is named David. David also did piano. There was another girl named Sandy who also plays piano. There was a nice tall boy named David who likes to sing too. David sang Consider Yourself from Oliver the musical and a love song from The Lovely Woman the musical. Paul played a Spanish song, a pretty song and a nice lovely song. I played The Banjo Picker and On the Bridge. I also sang Rainbow Connection from The Muppet Movie. After Piano Rehearsal, I said good-bye to Miss Judy.

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