Funny Story!

Okay—time for a funny story of one of my adventures!!
So my best friend Danielle came out to spend the night last Friday night so we could catch up and explore the area.  My school has free movie screenings on Friday nights and last Friday they were showing Sherlock Holmes 2.  I really wanted to see it so we ventured over to the building where it was going to be shown.  First we had trouble finding the actual building (there are a few really close to each other, and they aren’t labeled well) and the accessible entrance.  Oh, and it was raining by the way. Lol.  Once we found the door we went inside and searched for the elevator.  During this process we opened one door that led to a storage closet haha.  Once we found the elevator we went to the correct floor we followed the signs to the auditorium.  We found it alright- the question was how do I get my chair into it???  There were two steps down to get near the doors.  We looked around for a minute but couldn’t figure it out.  There were no signs indicating how to get into it with a wheelchair and there was no one around to ask.  ☹  The movie had already started so we ended up just going to Starbucks haha.  (Side note: I have emailed the Services for Students with Disabilities Office to ask about the auditorium access.)  Danielle and I stayed at Starbucks for awhile and then decided to go exploring some more.  I remembered that there was an arcade called Pinball Pete’s pretty close by so we went over there.  We played air hockey in the black light area so everything was neon colored!  Then I had to give my legs a break because they got so tired from me standing up in my chair to play the game.  So we attempted to play a drum game, it was like guitar hero.  I held one stick and was in charge of three of the things, and she did two other ones and the foot pedal thing.  We kinda failed at that haha.  Then we played Deal or No Deal and won 5 tickets.  We gave them to a little kid at the prize desk since we didn’t want them.  Danielle watched this one kid play DDR for a few minutes because she used to love that game haha.  Then we played another quick air hockey game and headed back to the dorm.  After grabbing Wendys at about midnight we went to bed haha.  We slept in pretty late and then went to get breakfast.  I had pizza and tator tots :D  Her boyfriend ended up coming out here for a little bit so we went Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch.  Then I headed home- I was exhausted!!!  But its okay- I always love my adventures with Danielle :D
The rest of my weekend was boring- tons of homework. ☹  I can’t wait for the semester to be over!

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