Getting My Manies and Pedi’s

Getting My Manies and Pedi’s

Where is your favorite salon? Hannah Nails (Midtown East)

Hannah Nails is my favorite salon because of the way my fingernails and toenails feel after they’re cleaned and polished.

What are your favorite nail colors?

My favorite fingernail colors to get are different types of red, and black. For my toes, I like to get bright colors that pop!

Why do you like getting your nails done?

Getting my nails done is a part of my personality and a fun way that I express myself. I think getting my nails done makes me stand out and helps me meet people. Also, getting manicures and pedicures is one of my favorite outlets for my self-care as they are very relaxing.

How often do you get your nails done?

I go to Hannah Nails once a week to get my manies. As for pedicures, I get them once a month, as they are expensive!

When did you start getting your nails done?

I had my first manicure in high school and I have loved them ever since!

What makes a good manie and pedi?

My favorite manicures are when the stylist cuts my nails in a round shape, then puts moisturizer on, and finishes off with a hot towel over my hands to dry. A good pedicure consists of exfoliating skin and a proper callus remover.

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