40,000 feet in the air

By: Byron

As I am writing this blog I am 40,000 feet in the air taking my spring break back west to Las Vegas. The past few days I spent my time in Manhattan visiting my sister who lives in the city. While my time in New York was just under 72 hours I was able to pack a lot into that time. On Sunday my sister and I went to a Broadway show about Gander, Newfoundland. This play talked about the people of a small town in Canada that took in just under 7,000 people when their planes were diverted to its airport due to American airspace being shutdown on 9/11. I surprisingly liked the play I think it was partly because I was in Gander just about two years ago and got to see the town for myself. The other days I did a lot of sightseeing. I also got to see water! Living in the desert of Tucson you can walk on paths that are suppose to be next to rivers but the water isn’t there because it rarely rains there. The rest of my break will be tons of fun as I am going to Las Vegas to watch Arizona Basketball play in the Pac-12 Tournament which I hope we win it all!

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