By: Talia

This morning, I woke up early and got ready for school. I wore a peace sign long sleeve tee, blue footless tights, a long denim skirt, white socks and plaid sneakers.

For breakfast, I ate a sandwich with Swiss cheese and cucumbers. After breakfast, I brushed my teeth. After brushing my teeth, my mom couldn’t find my school notebook. So I went on the school van without my notebook.

The school van color is green. My bus driver is named Bill. My bus aide is named Ann. The van picks me up and then we dive to pick-up Ben and Jessica. Ben is in Departmental. Jessica is in Ken’s class.

At school, my teacher wasn’t there because she is in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our class did math, reading, language arts, cursive, handwriting and Explode the Code. We also did New Hampshire stuff.

After school, I went to New York City. First we went to Caroline’s ballet rehearsal. I saw a lot of dancers. I saw Jack, Veronika, Marielle and a girl who was talking to Caroline. I also saw Marissa, two gym ladies, Amanda and two twin girls.

After Caroline’s rehearsal, I’m going to Sansha Dance store near the dance school. I am then going to hang-out with my dad and Joey because Caroline has acting. After hanging-out with my dad and Joey, I’m going home.

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