By: Talia

Today I had school. At school, I saw Cierra, Samantha, Omar, Sebby, Zachary, Chester, Justin, Christopher, and Kyle. I also saw my teacher’s aids. Their names are Peggy, Diane, Jane and Audrey. But Peggy wasn’t at school because she is really sick and she also has allergies. My teacher wasn’t at school either because she is on vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada with her daughter, son and husband. But her dog is sick right now. Her dog can’t breath because of allergies. Her daughter is named Lauren. I forget her son and husband’s names. There was also a lady named Anna. She had to go into our classroom because of Peggy was sick. There was also a substitute teacher named Diane R. We did Wordly Wise, Science, paragraphs , math, and celebrated Kyle’s Birthday/ Easter/Passover Party.

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