Busy & Fun

By: Byron

The last few weeks have been very busy and fun. First I’ll say it’s weird when your in the middle of the runway and you slow down and go back to the gate. What happened after that was quite awkward I’ll just ask has anyone on a flight of yours gotten arrested because that’s what happened to my flight we sat at the gate for three and a half hours. I went to Tampa bay and instead of going to the Kennedy Space Center my step dad and I went to the Everglades then we went to Miami for 15 minutes. The reason I went down there was because I went to spring training game the games that I saw were the Yankees, Pirates, and Blue Jays. When I went to the Blue Jays game we bought tickets right behind home plate thinking there was going to be a canopy to block our the blistering sun but there wasn’t so we tried to find different seats we were in the handicapped section without any seats and because my feet get tired very quickly we tried to find a portable seat but they said they couldn’t find one. I didn’t believe them if they looked just a little harder they probably would of found a chair. When I was in the Everglades I saw multiple Alligators we took a tour of the mangroves in the area. I have another three days until I go back from spring break.

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