Exciting Few Weeks

By: Byron

The past week has been very exciting. I’ll start out by saying that my sister got a car and I got a gift card from Apple to buy a computer. My cousin gave it to me. I was really shocked because I’ve been saving up for a computer and now I have enough to buy one. I am currently looking at Macbook Airs right now, and after I write this I’m going to apple.com to look at them. I’ve been saving for a year because last year my computer got damaged, and I really need one for school work.

Maybe you’d like to know how I use technology for school. I use my ipad at school to write essays. I also read books on it through ibooks and Book Share. Book Share is a program for kids who have a hard time reading. You get a membership and then you can download books. If you need it, it will read the book to you. I don’t usually need it, but sometimes it’s fun to use that part of it. I also use the ipad to take photos of the assignments on the boards when it’s too much to type or it would take me too long to type it. I also use my ipad to study. For instance, I have an app called Flashcard. I put vocabulary and terms for multiple subjects on it, mostly English. I also put pictures that help me remember the words and then I can test myself and it keeps track of the ones that I get right and wrong. I have reminders set up on it to remind me to do my OT (occupational therapy) and PT (physical therapy exercises).

In the summer I’m giving a presentation at the Hemispherectomy Reunion in Baltimore where I will use my new computer to research and create the presentation. It’s going to be about what I’m explaining to you right now – how I use technology in school.

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