4th Grade at Another New School

By: Jonah

4th Grade at Another New School

My sister and I started at our new school.  I am in 4th grade and she is in kindergarten. I’m really happy we are in the same place now.

This school has a special program to help me be the best me.  I go to the regular 4th grade classroom and have that teacher, but I have another classroom with another teacher where I can learn one on one or with some friends that need some more help with learning things like math and writing.  In this class we do things like cooking2learn, social skills class, speech group, morning walks, swimming, dog therapy (we read books to the dogs), and other fun stuff.  This special class really helps me learn things I have a little trickier time with understanding.  So far, I absolutely love it.  At my other school last year, learning felt really really hard and was very fast.  Sometimes I need some quiet time of not working.  I work really hard all the time to listen carefully and understand what people are saying.  Then I have to work on learning after I work on hearing it.  Everyone seems to know that we are all different and we all learn differently.  I’m making friends so quickly here.  I asked my mom to got to my 4th grade class to tell them about me.  Sometimes it’s so hard for kids to get to know me because it’s still hard for me to talk fast and meet new people.  I don’t always know what to say or how to be a friend. I like her to help them know that I’m just a regular kid who likes lots of things like them.  I like her to tell them that even though it’s hard to understand what I’m saying sometimes, that I really want them to be my friend.  I LOVE making new friends and feeling like kids know and like me.  I like when she tells them that just because I don’t talk the same, doesn’t mean I don’t understand or that I’m not smart. I’m good at lots of stuff!

I have been making so many friends here. I am happy.


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