An Eventful Weekend

By: Byron

I have had an eventful week-end. Yesterday I went to my friend’s house where I slept over, but before that I went to my school play with him. The play was alright. It was a musical called, Babes in Arms.  Then after the play his parents picked us up and we drove to a Dairy Queen to get ice cream where I got a medium soft serve, but there was nothing medium about it. It was definitely a large in a medium bowl. I ate it all, surprisingly. Then we went back to his house and we went into the basement to play video games for 2 hours. We went to bed but my friend put the tv, and he fell asleep and forgot to turn it off, so I kept waking up and trying to think of ways to block the sound, but I couldn’t. Then when I got up in the morning, someone had turned it off, so I got up, but my friend didn’t get up until his mother came in and yelled at him to wake up to go to breakfast. We went to I-Hop for breakfast where I got way too much, and between the food and not enough sleep, I am extremely tired. I couldn’t finish all my pancakes, so I brought them home and had them for a late lunch. And that is probably why this blog is so disorganized. My parents would never have let me sit there until 12:30 in the morning playing video games and then get up and play and then get up and play them again in the morning, but . . . I had a really good time.

That’s all.



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