5th Grade

In 5th grade (in my school) you have the choice to do band, I went from no, to yes, to no.  My final choice was NO because I wouldn’t be able to practice enough because of Oliver! which I would rather do.  If I did band, my first choice was FLUTE and my second, TRUMPET.  Well, the kids that aren’t doing band get to work on this project to collect food for a local food cupboard.  We have jobs like Poster People, Writers, Presenters, Organizers, and Collectors.  I picked Writer, ’cause I love to write but no one else did.  One of the teachers, Ms. Rinalds said, ” Alexandra can’t do this on her own”.  Ms. Wayner, my teacher, agreed.  I thought differently, I could do it on my own.  Finally, a kid named Sophia raised her hand and said she would be a writer, too.

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