Hey Guys!

Hey Guys!

So much has been happening in the last month or two. I swore I would get much better about blogging. Yet I have not. :( I am going to attempt to cram half a semester’s worth of happenings in one post. Haha.

So, the last Friday in January was one heck of a day. I had to get up super early for an event on campus. What kind of event you ask? Oh just the normal thing… I went and heard the President of our country talk. Now, no matter what your political beliefs are you have to admit that this was an awesome opportunity. The President came to Ann Arbor to talk about funding for higher education. I should back up the story though; it really started a few days before. I knew that tickets were going to be available at the Michigan Union which is connected to my dorm building. I didn’t really think about even attempting to go because I didn’t have the time or energy to figure out how it would work. I was nervous about going by myself and I also would have to lose a couple of hours at my internship. I also knew that the line was going to be insanely long. Sure enough, people started lining up at 9:00 the night before the tickets were going to be passed out. The building became so crowded that it reached capacity and everyone had to be kicked out at 1:30ish (it was going to close at 2 anyway). Well that didn’t go so well and the fire alarm was pulled. Awesome. I had to get up and call campus safety to make sure it wasn’t a real fire. I was up for probably a half hour because of that. When I left for my internship the next morning the line was so incredibly long!!! My bus driver went out of her way to show me because it was a sight to see haha. Later that morning i was sitting at my desk and I saw a very interesting email. It was from the disability services office. The white house had given their office a select number of ticket and they wanted to let us know. I shrugged it off because I figured the tickets would go fast. When I went to lunch later I had a voicemail asking if I wanted the tickets. Long story short I got one. I didn’t have to worry about transportation because the school arranged for that. I was also told that somebody would be able to help me get through security and to my seat. That night I was so excited and jittery haha. I woke up super early and got ready. My ride was on time and besides a minor issue of not getting the passenger seat folded up so 2 chairs could fit in everything went smoothly.  The driver just had to take me and then come back for another student. When I got there security took me to the front of the line and I went through pretty quickly.  The so called accessible seating was a joke (was required to transfer out of my chair… Not gonna happen if no one is there to protect me lol) so I found a spot near the front. It would have been awesome if a certain kind of ticket didn’t allow people to stand in front of the security roping. So I pretty much couldn’t see a thing. Oh well. I was there. J For the record, I was mad for the rest of the weekend though because of the poor planning on the University’s part. After the event was over I went to my internship for a few hours. Then I came back to my room and relaxed for a bit. My mom came out and had dinner with me in the dining hall. After that we went back to my room and relaxed until about 10:30.

Every other Friday there is something called Umix in the union. It’s basically a free party. I met up with my friend and we went to this murder mystery thing. It was awesome and he figured out who the murderer was so we were named one of the detective teams of the night. J After that we went and got food at the buffet and talked.  It was really fun!

The next major thing happened a few weeks later at the Valentine’s Day themed Umix.  My best friend Danielle ended up coming to visit me so she got to come to it with me!  We made cards for the local children’s hospital (incidentally, where all of my care is centered <3)  Then we made gingerbread houses which they called Love Shacks.  Talk about awkward haha.  But it was still fun.  After that we went back to my room and ordered a pizza and hung out.  The next day I took her on a short tour of the campus.  It was too cold to do much though.

During one of my weekends home I went and got my hair cut shorter and got a “feather extension” even though it wasn’t really a feather… it was more like a piece of hair dyed pink.  But I was super cute.

Those are some of the highlights for the semester so far… I’m excited to see what else happens!  I’m including a few pictures below.

(My “love shack” is the one on the right.)

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