Masters in Social Work

Hey guys!
Wow I’m exhausted! I’m in my 3rd week of classes for my masters in social work (MSW). I have tons of reading that I need to catch up on. ☹ But it’s okay I guess, all this will be worth it!
Despite the stress I am loving being here at school. I love my dorm! It’s so awesome. I have staff that comes I every night that comes in to help me get ready for bed, stays overnight, and helps me get ready in the morning. While I sleep they can do my laundry, clean my room, watch a movie on their laptop or whatever they want to do. Both of the girls (they alternate nights) are super sweet. They are around my age which is pretty cool.

Okay, I gotta go! I’m watching Teen Mom in the background while waiting for Angie to get here. Then I am getting ready for bed!
Nighty night. ☺

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