Family Weekend

This weekend I hung out with my family. My parents picked me up on Friday night and we went home and just relaxed. I watched some tv and then went to bed, I was exhausted from the week! I slept in on Saturday morning which was awesome. Later that afternoon we went to Barnes & Noble where I was a good girl and read part of a chapter for one of my classes. I rewarded myself by buying the new Demi Lovato cd ☺
Sunday was also pretty relaxed. I watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets while I wore my knee splints and hand splints. I am trying to get into a routine for wearing them. Last week I watched the first Harry Potter movie doing the same thing! I think I will try and do this every Sunday haha. The spints aim to straighten my knees and fingers. I did all of this when I was younger but eventually got to a point where it wasn’t making a difference. There was a lot of other health issues going on for me so we put splinting on a lower priority. But, I am doing well and am on a new medication that seems to be helping improve my range of motion so we are giving the splinting another chance. I jus have to make myself stick to wearing them. The goal is to wear them every night while I sleep. We’ll see!
Okay, I hate to cut this short but I have to go do homework now. ☹

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