A Busy Day

I went to the elementary school I volunteer at and made gingerbread houses with the kids. It was kind of hard getting the walls together but the kids enjoyed it. One of the kids started eating the house before it dried so it never made it to actually being a house! I made cards for all the teachers I work with and gave them sun catchers (that I had made) along with some chocolates. Everyone loved it and I got a lot of hugs! (I’m not much of a hugger!) One of the teachers even gave me a present. She knew I like figurines and got me a Rudolph book that had figurines with it.

Right after school I went to the annual Christmas party for the Special Education Department with my mom. It was nice because I saw a few of the teachers and nurses that I used to have from middle school and high school. They were happy to see me and I got a few more hugs! (Yikes!)

After the party I went to a Christmas tree lighting and shopping night at a nearby town. This has been a tradition for quite a few years now. My family went with a few other families. We listened to carolers, saw the tree get lit, went on a sleigh ride pulled by a horses and went shopping around the town. Every store had treats to eat and drinks. At every store you collect a raffle ticket and when you are done you put your tickets in whichever raffle bucket you want. We didn’t win but it was a fun night.

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