A Day in the Life of Rachel: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

By: Rachel

A Day in the Life of Rachel: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Well I took my best buddy (Marshall) on a walk today–tried oh, SOOOO hard to not exert myself too much–even had my staff person helping me. All we did was walk across the street and attach a really long leash to a playground.

I sat, walked around, and jumped up and down a little bit to get him to run. But that’s it.

Then I did some more housework with my staff person (and let’s be honest–she was the one doing the majority of it) and went to target.

We got back and I was practically falling asleep on my phone appointment, and I had to cancel an appointment I had with a another case worker (and I didn’t even have to do much for that because it was going to be AT my apartment), and then I slept for over 2 hours, closer to 3.

I got up to eat supper and watch a show, but I think I’m going to go back to bed soon.

I hate Chronic Fatigue crashes! They are so discouraging and frustrating. It’s really a fight to stop have positive self talk.

I’m so beyond thankful that there are staff people who work with me everyday to help me stay on top of things. I would really be in a mess without them.

And my friends and family and church family help me too. I usually accept help when it’s offered because…. Well, I just always need help. I’m just glad that the main weight of my care doesn’t have to be on them anymore since I’m getting services.

I would encourage you to try to learn more about chronic illness! Just a simple Google search! So many people have it, and we’re invalidated pretty often because it’s an invisible illness, not like a broken leg that everyone notices.

Thanks for reading! 🫂

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