Weddings and Wendys

Yesterday I had my first dress fitting for my cousin’s wedding- I am a bridesmaid.  The wedding is at the end of May in Washington DC.  The dress is gorgeous, it’s a long dark blue (cobalt) satin with sparkle embellishments near the top.  I’m having it shortened so that it covers my footrest, right now it’s way too long.  I go back in a few weeks and am so excited!!

I also got to hangout with my friend Danielle today.  I’ve known her since middle school and we’re still really good friends.  We were initially going to grab Starbucks but decided to have lunch instead.  Normally we’d go to Applebees.  But, we decided to be awesome and go to Wendys instead.  It was a throwback to a few summers ago when that’s what we’d always do.  Go to Wendys.  I always order a kids meal because the fries and drink are the right size for me.  So there we are, two 20 something year olds (1 with a kids meal bag and toy), chilling at Wendys for at least an hour.  It was awesome.  We had so much fun just catching up.  She told me all about the drama occurring at her school and the joys of being a teacher (she just got her first real classroom this year, they’re 6th graders).  I told her about my group project drama that is still going on.  She’s planning to come see me at my dorm next weekend and it’s going to be great.  I will likely need it because things are so hectic right now.  Graduation is so close… May 4.  I can’t believe it!!!

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