A Long Week

I had a long week last week.  Started getting a cold and it slowly turned into bronchitis.  I felt terrible all week and ended up missing an entire week of school.  I went back today but still don’t feel 100% better.  The only plus is that it’s totally beautiful here right now.  So I got to get outside the last few days and get some fresh air.  Grandma and grandpa were here last weekend, so that was fun.  I got to spend a little bit of time with them but that was right when I started feeling bad so I couldn’t do as much as usual.  This weekend I’m having a boys weekend with dad and my brother, Jacob.  Mom is taking the girls to NJ for the weekend so Dad, Jacob and I are going to celebrate Jacob’s birthday.  Last weekend was my dad’s birthday too so we got to stay with a babysitter on Sat night.  She’s a lot of fun and plays games and takes us for walks outside.  Keep your fingers crossed that I start feeling better soon!

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