A mannequin in a bridal dress in a wheelchair in the window!

By: Morgan

A mannequin in a bridal dress in a wheelchair in the window!

A few weeks ago, (January 10th) reported by a website called The Independent, a free press United Kingdom Paper.

It was mentioned a Twitter account shared from a woman in a wheelchair herself, Beth Wilson. – in the attachment link below-  showed The bridal salon in Portishead, Bristol England, called The White Collection Bridal Boutique.

The boutique took an opportunity to put a mannequin in a bridal dress in a wheelchair in their viewing window. This impacts all women with disabilities finally getting exposure and empowering them. Not just for me one day. But for the moment, that is something to remember forever.

I am 24, single for now, but from the time I was little; I dreamed of my wedding. The tipping point was I knew from the age of three…my gait pattern, walking down the aisle, dancing with my dad, and into the wee hours of the morning and all the fun it might be. The journey might not be exactly how I dreamt it up to be. I have internally battled the use of my chair during my bridal shower, bachelorette,  ceremony or a part of the rehearsal. Depending on when a lucky fella proposes to me, I wonder how my body will handle such an extravagant affair.

Putting that mannequin in the window allows little girls, the dreamers, all the way to the planners- like myself- to feel like that is one less thing on a planning list.

How will and is your disability going to be a part of that wedding. For me, I hope my extra needs only add to the fun.

I put thought into my dress.

For example, This might be slightly unconventional, however, there may be a bride closer to the aisle than me.

Options like this two-piece set where if I needed to would make going to the bathroom a whole lot easier.

See you next Sunday for a monthly look back at my favorite things in January.


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