A Night at Pier 60-No Place Like Home at Ideal and at Max’s apartment in Greenwich Villiage

By: Talia

Last night, I attended an event at Pier 60 in NYC and it was amazing. The event was a gala for the Ideal School in Manhattan and the founders are Mitch and Audra who are Max Rubin’s parents. They founded this school in 2006. They¬† celebrated this school year’s anniversary of the 19th year of Ideal and I’m really proud of everyone that attended. I met Isabel’s (Isabel is Max’s sister) best friends, Olivia, Norah, Caroline, Sydney, (I can’t remember the other friends names unfortunately), and a couple named Tara and Nick and they were very kind. I had salmon and cucumber roe cake with potatoes as an app, for dinner I had steak, tomatoes and asparagus and for dessert I had a raspberry tart and it was very delicious. I was dancing the night away with Max and everyone with someone named DJ Yoshi. For the goodies I got a keychain in a form of a house along with a flyer of what is next and going on at the Ideal School. I met the most generous people who are supporters of the Ideal School last night.

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