A Poem: The Seas of Infinity

By: Max

A Poem: The Seas of Infinity
I wrote this today and I thought I would share:
The Seas of Infinity
As I slept, I dreamt as if I was sinking
Sinking in a vast ocean of infinity
And as I descended in the vast ocean of infinity, I kept my eyes closed
For fear of what I might get to see
What would I see, I pondered, as I sunk deeper into infinity
Would all information in the world appear for me
Or would there be nothing at all, too much for me, a human, to conceive
As I pondered, I slept only to awake and forget my trip to infinity

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  1. Maria January 21, 2022 at 2:18 pm - Reply

    All of my first grade students like your very cool poem about your amazing dream.
    Victor, Kai, Alexander, and Ray

    (Eva is absent, but she would also love your poem.)

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