A Weekend in NYC

By: Byron

A Weekend in NYC

The last few weeks have been crazy. To start I have had exams. I had an English, Math and History exam. It may not sound like much, but it was. I spent many days preparing for them.

During MLK weekend I went down to NYC. I was meeting up with my sister who goes to collage there and my mom and step dad. They were there because a family friend is in a Broadway show and we were going to see him in the show. When my bus arrived my sister meet me and we walked to the hotel where my mom and step dad were staying which happened to be only the next block down the road. The next day we got up and walked to Grand Central Station which surprisingly I’ve never been to. When we got there we walked in and a squash match was going on. That night we went to the Broadway show which was very good. Afterwards because we knew someone in the show we were able to go backstage. When we went back stage we were able to meet some of the cast including Fantasia and Dulè Hill from the TV show Psych. It was a very fun night. The next day I hung out and watch the Broncos vs. Patriots game, unfortunately the Patriots lost which was very upsetting. I was then rooting for the 49ers, but they lost as well. I guess you can say that the teams that I was hoping to go to the Super Bowl didn’t make it.

The next morning we got up really early and went to a taping of the Today Show in Rockefeller plaza. It was a lot of fun. There was a point in the show when they were filming outside where my sister and I were in the front and center. Which meant we were on TV. I was actually behind my sister who was in front and I had my hood on. After the show I went to the Today Shows website and found the clip when we were on TV. I will say I looked like a creep. I was poking my head up from behind my sister and having my hood on made it even more creepy.

After about three hours of standing outside and being on TV a few times I rushed to the hotel to get my thing then headed to the bus to go back to Boston I had exams the next two days when I got back. I had to get back to Boston at a reasonable time so I could be well rested for the days ahead.

I have attached a picture of when I was on the Today Show. I’m the one in the red hood behind the girl in the grey coat on the right hand side.

A Weekend in NYC

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