Advocacy; A little bit about me.

By: Morgan

I can remember from the time I was three years old. I was rational about my Cerebral Palsy (CP). Often telling my family and friends I would “just modify or improvise whatever task was at hand”. I always give 100% of myself into the things I care about. At 24, I’m going to walk you through my advocacy journey.

It actually began when I was in 8th grade, I had received a “Make a Wish” (MAW) to meet the band The Jonas Brothers. At that time, 2008, they were at the height of their fame. I usually never go to concerts unless options are put in place for my safety. I normally opt out of fun things, due to my balance issues and living with fear I will end up hurt. Cerebral Palsy affects everything I do. Even being hugged can become dangerous. From my perspective, going to a concert I was in danger, as screaming teenagers are dangerous when they are in LOVE. I knew I probably wouldn’t ever be able to experience a concert like this again though so I went, I was right, front row seats are amazing! From that experience with MAW, it led me to a year ambassadorship for them in the Northeastern NY region.

I learned a vital piece of information about myself that year as an Ambassador for MAW, like most of society, I wasn’t afraid of public speaking. (My phobia is asphyxiation or suffocating to death. I wonder why… CP.)

In 11th grade, a big opportunity came up from my summer camp, The Double H Ranch part of the Serious Fun Network, is a camp for children with chronic or life threatening conditions. I had been a camper in their winter and summer programs since I was nine and now they needed a camper testimonial for their spring Golf Invitational Dinner.  I was the keynote speaker to a group of over 300 which helped to raise nearly $$$? This was another advancement in my career as an advocate. I was actually comfortable speaking with the size of the crowd and slowly realizing I might be able to survive on this as a career. Not as a soapbox, but very much like PEARLS, as a tool to educate, provide research and fund the needs for non-profits that had helped me grow up.

I attended my first Santa project event in NYC in 2012, followed by 2 Women Who Care luncheons, both organizations supporting individuals with CP. Thank you to the Adapt Community Network for the past 6+ years of constant support and growing my circle bigger. It matters because all of us ambassadors have walked, wheeled wobbled crawled and fought for what we deserved. I am proud that I can say I was a part of major projects like playgrounds, home equipment and preschool advocacy programs for early CP detection.

I went to Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in 2012 to December of 2015. In that time, I garnered a Bachelor of Arts in English; focusing on Public Relations and a minor in Sociology with a Health and Aging track. The lesson from college immerse yourself in as much as you can for personal growth. Among them, don’t worry so much about comma placement brevity is different for everyone.  Second, write to the student newspaper, it??? might be an issue for everyone and get published. Finally, find an idol, Thank You Diane Louise Balduzy for instilling the power of education in a group of us that owe you the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. For your constant love and attention not just in the classroom but our personal success as well.

To backtrack quickly with an anecdote, In my final semester in college, I found love. He stole my heart with his ability to lean into emotional distress and his ability to please. His eyes immediately connect you to his soul. A wet nose shooting happy sneezes every morning at 8 am, and a tongue filled with enough kisses to lick your skin off. For the last 3 years, it has been one of my most valued relationships. I consider myself a mom to My service dog, Dewey II. He was given to me through Canine Companions for Independence an organization that trains service dogs across the nation in May 2015.  He has been by my side through post-grad life, interviews, little kids tender touches, airline flights, heartbreak, and success and he is very much a battery pack.  Our goal is to find a Dog Dad now, as he’s a people magnet.

Now, I am here in upstate new york, working part-time, living my dream to be here for people across the globe to see that yes, CP is a diagnosis, but I Morgan am a young, empowered female, with an amazing family, a career, friends of all ages, from all over the world. Know, that without Cerebral Palsy, I sure wouldn’t have the life experiences with reference into my life, I equate life with CP without rose-colored glasses, its blunt and sometimes its hard. but, it’s a wonderfully rewarding life.

Until next Sunday,



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