All About Me!

By: Talia

Full Name: Talia Liana

Nickname: Miss T
How I plan to celebrate my 18th birthday: Paris, France in April 2018!
When I’m not working at the Cedar Grove Public Library on Tuesday and Thursday: I’m usually learning about life skills.
Favorite moment of 2017: Getting my ID for my 18th birthday
My dream duet (when I’m famous): Dilia Stein
The last time I used a flashlight: At Northwood in Remsen, New York
My favorite holiday traditions: shopping at the Willowbrook Mall, Florida and Hanukkah
My 7 years at Northwood were: amazing!!!!
My best friends at Northwood are: Erica Propis, Hannah Rich and Isabella Lagano
The most important lesson I’ve learned so far: Girl power!
I feel most like myself: I’m at Northwood every summer!
I get super uncomfortable when: Bo smells people, food, baristas and me and barks at the UPS truck.
Something you might be surprised I love to do: I love Northwood so much that I want to be a counselor this summer so badly!
A celebrity I’d like to recruit for the Northwood community: Jock Jock Ler Rock aka Gordie Felt
My style icon: Olivia Newton-John
A musician I’m loving right now: Harry Styles
A few women who inspire me: Olivia Newton-John and Dilia Stein
Because: they are the BEST women and they are GREAT singers as well!
If I got stuck in an elevator, I would want to be with this person: Danny Zuko!
Because: he’s a greaser from the 50s and I really want to live in the 50s so badly!
I feel happy when: I’m at Northwood being so kind to everyone.
My pre-ritual: Be different NOT the same!
I love you to the moon and back, Talia????????????????????????????????????????????????

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